Weather in season or out, skill enhancement training works to develop an all around skill-set with a players long term and biggest dreams in mind. This type of training sees no roles, positions, or limits; every player will be exposed to their weaknesses through highly detailed and challenging methods. Workouts will train: advanced footwork, ball handling, shooting, finishing at the rim, passing, athletic performance, and IQ.


Middle School & High School

Limited to 5 players/session

MOnDAY: 3-4pm or 4:15-5:15PM


Tuesday: 3-4pm or 4:15-5:15PM


Wednesday: 3-4pm or 4:15-5:15Pm


Thursday: 3-4pm or 4:15-5:15pm

Friday: 9am

Saturday: TBD


*Availability and Schedule subject to change 

Email to Schedule

Elementary PRogram Coming Soon! 

Court Prowess Basketball

Fallston, Maryland