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  • Location: Bel Air Athletic Club

  • 1-4 players per session

  • 1 Hour 

  • Train with Chris Pappas 

  • Access to I'm Possible Checklist Training System App ($200/year value)

Training with Court Prowess stretches far beyond just the workouts themselves. You receive a complete basketball education that is second to none. Through highly detailed and challenging methods, players will work to develop an all around skill-set in the following areas: advanced footwork, ball handling, shooting, finishing at the rim, passing, athletic performance, court awareness and IQ. 

Each session may have up to 3 additional players to enable more effective workouts, but still allow for them to receive one on one attention. We recommend players getting 2-4 sessions/month to promote long term development as opposed to cramming it all into an off-season. New concepts will be introduced each session and no two workouts will ever be the same.